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    Sep 9. 2012

    We competed! (Indiewire’s project of the month)


    Many thanks to all of you who took part!

    Sep 8. 2012

    Full Moon Bike Ride


    Sneak Peak at the Full Moon Bike Ride Sequence, which we recently shot with the Fender Benders.

    Jul 27. 2012

    Throw Your Mittens Up!


    Last Tuesday, all of the Detroit family showed up on the stage of the best hip hop venue in town.

    Jul 20. 2012

    Detroit, love it or leave it… not!


    Article published on a blog related to Le Monde, we talk about the collaborative economy now emerging in Detroit (translation)

    Jul 5. 2012

    Support our project on Kickstarter!


    This is it, folks. We launched a Kickstarter campaign. It ends on July 30th!

    Jun 4. 2012

    Green Garage: Defining Sustainability


    In the 20s there used to be cars coming and going through two giant doors. They’ve been replaced by green entrepreneurs.

    May 20. 2012

    Detroit’s Real Bike Chix


    They come from all walks of life and all parts of town. They call themselves the Fender Benders.

    Apr 13. 2012

    Lafayette Coney Island


    Lafayette Coney Island has the best coney hot dogs in the world. And they know how to spice it up! Bon appétit!

    Feb 27. 2012

    Detroit finally revealed? A photography exhibit at the DIA


    This DIA exhibition proves that Detroit is more than a collection of vacant, overgrown lots.

    Feb 1. 2012

    Detroit Hip-hop artist Invincible to perform in France


    Invincible female Detroit hip-hop artist offers a unique perspective amid a male-dominated field.