Apr 25. 2014

“Detroit je t’aime” becomes “DIY manifesto”!

by Hélène

Our project that some of you have been following since its very beginning back int August 2011 recently got a new name.

Our interactive documentary will be launched on the World Wide Web on June 3rd for French speakers (following suite in English!) under the name DIY Manifesto

Why didn’t we keep Detroit je t’aime? Because though our project starts in Detroit, it goes further, touches some European grounds. We needed a name that could reflect the global extent of the Do It Yourself movement. DIY manifesto is a living portrait of the DIY society as it is today. A society that’s more sustainable, more inclusive, more desirable. Detroit remains its capital city, from there the user will explore other aspects of the DIY lifestyle. In the past few months we’ve thus been wandering with our cameras in Spain, Germany, Hungary and France.

The ‘Do It Yourself’ slogan or better say ‘Do It Ourselves’, lay the foundations of a society where knowledge and resources are shared, and where we all depend on each-other but gaining all in autonomy.

To know more about the concept of our interactive documentary and the team behind check here.

In June 2004, for a month, we’ll coordinate a platform named DIY manifesto with the help of Terra Eco & Usbek & Rica, DIY manifesto will also be brodcasted on Médiapart, Les Inrockuptibles, Radio Nova, Urbania and La Fabrique de la Cité.

A Detroit short-doc trilogy; various exclusive video reports; articles and photo galleries will enlarge the DIY perspective.

Three 10-day DIY challenges will invite users to become makers, actors of change.

Six How-To guides will complete these challenges and finally three events including workshops and film screenings will enable the community to connect in real life.

Make sure you join us on June 7th, June 21th and July 2nd at la Recyclerie ; NUMA and Halle Pajol in Paris. As well as in Nantes on May 31rst at Lieu Unique for Festival D.

See you very soon online and in real life!

PS: our current blog Détroit je t’aime will remain online as it is. Our Facebook page will remain unchanged. But our Twitter name is now @diymanifesto (if you were following us on @detroitjetaime you’re already following our new name)