Sep 8. 2013

Detroit Party Marching Band

by Nora

Detroit is the ultimate music town. The Detroit Party Marching Band got created two years ago by a wild bunch of young folks – John, Rachel and Molly. Most of the “DPMB” members came back recently to the D after growing up in the burbs or around the Midwest. They gather spontaneously on the streets of Detroit to make the city swing in Balkanic and New Orleans sounds, with the help of the crowd. We caught them on Noel night, December 3rd 2011 in Midtown Detroit. In case the video doesn’t appear embedded, check it here.

  • Bob

    Great fun! But only five minutes long? We want more. MORE!!

    • http://www.detroitjetaime.com Hélène

      Hehe Bob! Thanks a lot! You’ll get more soon, we promise! Feel free to share the video! Cheers, Helene

  • http://www.inkinbloom.com Kinga

    and may we go through this “revitalization” with grace and gratitude. ….
    There are many ways to be a newcomer to Detroit, and sometimes I can even see the merit in being a loud one too….though sp much depends on the point of view. It’s so easy to become arrogant , it’s good to hear someone acknowledging those who have been here. But there are miles between acknowledging and really doing something toward bringing the new together with the old in a graceful and righteous way. Such a delicate matter really, so easy to fall on either side…

    • http://www.detroitjetaime.com Hélène

      oh yeah, very true! There are big structural and cultural differences between Detroit present communities. But sometimes I guess it’s so easy to fall in the trap of being judgemental too… it’s probably a good fear! Well anyway, the first step is to be aware of that, if you decided to move to the D, people have been living there for decades, some of them willingly, they never left and there is a lot to be learnt from them. Of course then, it’s advisable to act accordingly;)

  • Tracy

    Great video! Love to see the energy and cohesiveness from band and the crowd! Way to go, Detroit!!!

    • http://www.detroitjetaime.com Hélène

      Thanks Tracy!

  • Dave Nantais

    GREAT video! Have a wonderful Holiday and New Year–hope to see you early in 2012!!

    • http://noramandrayfilms.tumblr.com Nora

      Hey Dave! Thanks for your message and for sharing! So you see, this is what I was doing on Noel Night this year ;) I’m back in France for Xmas and NYE but am returning to the D early January, and we’ll still be neighbors! See you soon! A very special Merry Christmas to Liam!!

  • Laszlo

    Hey Hellene

    You did a good video.
    This guys are really awesomwe, i konw this Balkanski songs. I’m really happy that this Balkanski music is allso played in Detroit too. If they like so much this music, and just to have fun maybe a tour to the Mekka of Balkanic Brass, would be good idea. GUCA festival Serbia ewey summer. A good real balkanic feeling and great music.
    Chek GUCA at youtube.

    Laszlo from Transylvania

    • http://www.detroitjetaime.com Hélène

      Hey Laci! Great to read you, awesome to see my Transylvanian friends are reading what’s up in the D! You know what, actually this summer I realized the only thing I was missing in Detroit were true Balkanic parties! Fortunately the DPMB is here but it’s still not Guca (and I’m going to go someday there for sure!)! Big cheers! LN

  • Pawel

    Wow! great music, great video! Thank you for sharing. Ça donne envie de s’installer aux States.

    • http://www.detroitjetaime.com Hélène

      Thanks Pawel ! Mais oui, viens donc à Détroit !

  • Carina


    • http://www.detroitjetaime.com Hélène

      Merci Carina ! ça fait super plaisir de savoir que tu nous lis ! à tout bientôt pour plus de nouvelles ! bises, Hélène & Nora

  • Karin

    You are incredibly talented, and I am so grateful for the “hidden Detroit” that you are capturing so beautifully, both the good & the bad.

  • http://frommiamitodetroit.com/ Danielle

    absolute insanity! especially the guy on the drums! i have to see when next they’re playing..so want to experience this for myself. To me..when “the girl” was speaking (not sure if it was Rachel or Molly) she pretty much summed up what this city needs to revitalize itself. Yes, it’s an influx of new people (these creatives that everyone keeps talking about)..but at the same time the city depends on recognizing the people who have been here and “struggled for years” and making sure they’re a part of the “movement”..cause without them this city won’t truly experience the renaissance everyone is hoping it will. ;) just my two cents. 

  • RevJohnW

    Hi my name is John Hardy and I appear at the end of this video. How do I get a copy for my personal archive. Can I get it on a CD/DVD? 12-4-12 Email: boisamie@comcast.net


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