Jul 27. 2012

Throw Your Mittens Up!

by Nora

 ”We’re like the post office,” says Piper Carter, “we’re always on time.” 

Every Tuesday of the year, from 8pm to 2am, the 5E Gallery hosts The Foundation, where resident organizers and artists Piper Carter, Mahogany Jones and DJ Mel Wonder, invite fellow hip hop artists to fill the place up with joy, grace, and love. 

When I showed up last Tuesday, July 24th, it was Detroit’s 311th anniversary. I asked Piper: “Anybody got a good song about Detroit tonight?” Sure enough, Piper replied “We gonna make one for you.”

And then, this is what happened. All of the Detroit family joined together for a freestyle:


OPEN MIC @5egallery #Detroit from Detroit je t’aime on Vimeo.


DJ Mel Wonder hits up the beats. On the mic Mahogany Jones honors Detroit, from Joe Louis to Better Made (chips made in Detroit) Faygo (the soda, or “pop” from the D). She ends with a shout-out to the Great Lakes region and the State of Michigan:

Throw your mittens up if you’re feeling it!” 


The Foundation celebrates women in hip hop culture. Follow them on twitter: @5egallery. Concert and open mic take place every Tuesdays from 8pm to 2am at The Old Miami, in Detroit.



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