Apr 13. 2012

Lafayette Coney Island

by Nora

Detroit and Lafayette Coney Island has the best coney hot dogs in the world (so say Detroiters). The chili, mustard and onion topped super fast treat is a Detroit staple that simply can’t be argued with. Whether occasional delights on the way to a Red Wings, Tigers’, Lions’ game or daily food, the experience is pure Detroit. The classic style of the small Downtown space recants the Motor City glory days, the customers joke with the Yemeni cooks and the waiters do magic tricks… Mind you it’s hot!

  • Danielle

    hope if you don’t mind if i feature some of your videos on my blog! will link back to you of course! awesome video! was just there the other day for my first coney..still can’t believe there’s another coney place right next door! Fierce competition eh? Interesting note that the cooks are Yemeni! ;)

  • Hugo martin

    Je vous aie entendue sur NPR – Great blog! I heard you on NPR – Fantastic Blog! 

  • Sylvain Beltzung

    Niveau gravité, comment est-ce que cela peut tenir au croisement des cure-dents ?

    Great project in all case, hope to be able to take it in consideration as a documentary in the coming time.

    • Hélène

      haha, Sylvain ! C’est toute la magie des Coney Island! Il faudra que tu viennes à Détroit pour voir ça ! Merci de l’attention que tu portes au projet, n’hésite pas à nous suivre sur nos réseaux sociaux comme Facebook ou twitter (@detroitjetaime) et à t’inscrire à notre newsletter mensuelle: Bien le bonjour des Frenchies !

  • Rodney

    Not all Frenchies aime Detroit. I was born in Detroit and grew up in the suburbs. I brought my French wife to Lafayette Coney (to show her the legend where I have been going since I was a child) and she was appalled calling it (among other things) degolas, depressing  etc etc. In fact she finds my entire hometown depressing, grey, dreary. C’est la vie. Detroit is not for everybody but it’s where I’m from.

    • Hélène

      Haha! Funny Rodney! Thanks for your comment! True, Detroit is not for everybody. But Coney Islands are all over the Midwest and New York so it’s not just Detroit;). Maybe some US features are not for everybody especially French people, actually? We like Coney islands but can’t eat ready-made Mac’n cheese you get in supermarkets! Nice to be in touch and keep following us! You can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social networks such as Facebook bien le bonjour des Frenchies !