Oct 25. 2011

PODCAST: Rhonda Anderson’s Polluted Detroit

by Hélène

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In October this year, we had the chance to attend the Detroit Bioneers conference – a very practical environmental conference. We took a tour of Southwest Detroit with Rhonda Anderson, who works for Sierra Club in Detroit. We knew about the very polluted and polluting Zug Island, but we hadn’t realized to what extent the area was actually contaminated… In this short interview Rhonda Anderson tells us more about this very particular zip code called 48207, known as the Tri-city area including Southwest Detroit and the two small towns of River Rouge and Ecorse, next to Dearborn. The saying goes that it’s “the dirtiest zip code in Michigan.” But the local community (“seating within one mile radius of heavy polluting facilities, such as Marathon refinery…”) has now the attention of the whole Unites States and is getting even more organized thanks to their new media labs. Rhonda points out the importance of getting organized. Marathon recenly offered decent money to buy out 400 houses in Southwest Detroit as the company is expanding its activities (read John Gallagher’s article here on that). In the interview’s spirit, a very good photoreportage by Anthony Suau got published in 2011 on nearby Dearborn’s Severstal steel plant, now in Russian hands. Click here to view it.

  • Oberten Janos

    Congatulations to Helene Bienvenu for the report. I know more about Detroit and the people live in this city !