Sep 25. 2011

Detroit metaphor #4: let Detroit be Detroit!

by Hélène

In all the chaos (of appealing possibilities) that outsiders see in Detroit, the city ends up being compared to a lot of things. BerlinBrooklyn, Tribeca, Portland… You name it! It’s always easier to foresee the future when you use models but guess what, it’s also a way to erase particularities… In that sense, I heard some very refreshing words from Michel, working at the recently launched Detroit hostel, in North Corktown:

I don’t want Detroit to be a new Portland or Brooklyn, I want the D to be the D!

This French-Canadian lad, to whom I talked in English all the way without even realizing we could as well speak our mother tongue, adopted Michigan and Detroit 6 years ago. Michel belongs to those who don’t want Detroit to be reduced to “just” a cool place in the making.

  • Danielle

    It’s funny..was just reading an article yesterday with a photo caption that reads, “An influx of young creative types is turning Detroit into a Midwestern TriBeCa.” I’ve also heard peole say. “Detroit? It’s what Brooklyn was in the 1970′s.”

    Neither of these descriptions helped me to form an opinion about the city I moved to before even visiting. So all of this to say, I agree..let The D be The D instead of perpetuating the comparisons. Well said. :)

    • Hélène

      ;) thanks Danielle! Always nice to read you comments, thanks for that!