Sep 6. 2011

Cats Are Detroiters Too

by Nora

For the past two weeks we’ve been staying at an comfy couch in New Center (a central Detroit neighborhood), more precisely on Hazelwood Street, before moving to our eventual place in Woodbridge. This summer only, there was two gun shootings down the street. To say the least, it’s not your typical safe neighborhood. But when you’re a cat you don’t care too much. Just like those two living at the house. One is an indoor cat (Inyo), the other is an outdoor cat (Garfield.) Inyo is afraid of going outside, and Garfield is never allowed inside. But whenever the front door opens, each cat sits at the entrance and stares at each other, never crossing the door/border. It sort of reminds me of the relationship that the suburbs (Inyo) have with Detroit (Garfield).

  In a recent book titled Reimagining Detroit, John Gallagher (journalist at Detroit Free Press), mentions a fact that could as well be illustrated by this picture.

“In fact, Detroit’s metropolitan population – city and suburbs combined – has grown since 1960 from 3.9 million to about 4.4 million today. This may provide cold comfort to residents in places like [...] Detroit. Noses pressed against the glass, they feel more acutely than ever their own population loss.”