Sep 2. 2011

The Desert & the Oasis – Detroit Metaphor #3

by Nora

“Detroit is a desert. Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon a cactus: you’ll encounter violence and abandoned buildings. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find an oasis on your way: the illusion that everything’s fine.”

So told us Zak, a grad student at Wayne State who just arrived in the D a couple of weeks ago, straight from San Francisco. In Detroit, the face of a neighborhood can be radically different just a block away. Gentrified and safe spaces mingle with tough urban landscape and industrial wastelands. Brush park – just North of downtown- is a good example of that. If you stick around Detroit hip places, it’s easy to forget about the rest. This Detroit mirage got nicely described during an art opening set in the middle of a private garden in Corktown – Detroit’s new “neighborhood to be”.