Aug 25. 2011

The D and your mum – A Detroit Metaphor #2

by Nora

 ”You can talk bad about your own mother, but you don’t like somebody else talking bad about her. Detroiters are the same with their own city.”

This is the way Stacey (who lives in the suburbs and works in Detroit) describes the pride of the people from Southeast Michigan regarding “The D”. This paradoxical form of local patriotism tends to be stronger than in other places in the US. When it comes to the negative image that the media have built of their city, pure Detroiters are first in line to defend it. But above all, what brings the have nots (from within 8 mile) and the suburbian haves (from outside 8 mile) together remains the term “Detroiter” itself. Suburb folks also like to define themselves as Detroiters when outside the Detroit area. After all, Detroit is still the city of the Tigers, the Pistons, the Red Wings (nationwide famous sport teams), and last but not least, Motor city remains the craddle of the world auto industry, home of the “Big 3″: Chrysler, GM and Ford.