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    Dec 12. 2011

    Detroit lights, an essay by Cécile & Antonio (guest bloggers)


    Detroit nights are half myth and reality. Our own wanderings after sunset in the D took us to explore its limits, both physical and felt.

    Dec 2. 2011

    Detroit Seamail


    In Detroit mail travels on water! Sam and his coworkers operate onboard on the only floating zip code in the US, the J.W Westcott.

    Nov 14. 2011

    Life in the D: Talking to Strangers


    Until now, I’d only say “hi” to a stranger if I were hiking past them in the mountains higher than 4000 feet. Now, I always try to be the first one who say Detroiters’ mantra: “How’re you doin’?”

    Oct 27. 2011

    Detroit is not a blank canvas


    I gotta confess; when I first arrived in Detroit last August, I’d call it a “blank canvas.” But beware, in the mirror objects are closer than they appear…

    Oct 25. 2011

    PODCAST: Rhonda Anderson’s Polluted Detroit


    Exploring dirtiest zip code in Michigan : 48207 with Rhonda Anderson from Sierra Club Detroit. On the importance of getting organized and spreading the message on your community.

    Oct 14. 2011

    The Detroit 8 mile wall


    Detroit is one of the most segregated cities in the US, but today is an opportunity to create a diverse and mixed society in the D. Detroit’s new movement, derived from Occupy Wall Street, is trying to answer this essential question.

    Oct 6. 2011

    Harvest time in Detroit

    Urban Farming

    In Detroit, heavy industry is almost totally gone, and the D is going back to the land.

    Oct 3. 2011

    Detroit’s soups: fundraising with taste


    Detroiters have fundraising in their genes. Here’s how to raise money that tastes good in less than 5min.

    Sep 25. 2011

    Detroit metaphor #4: let Detroit be Detroit!


    In all the chaos (of appealing possibilities) that outsiders see in Detroit, the city ends up being compared to a lot of things. But no, Detroit is not Berlin, Brooklyn, Tribeca nor Portland!

    Sep 18. 2011

    PODCAST: Beloved Poets Society, a tribute to David Blair


    David Blair was a musician, a slammer/poet, a community activist and an inspiration to many. He was a leader of creativity in a wounded, yet proud city.

    Sep 14. 2011

    Art is a Piece of Cake in Detroit


    Ten students from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit created the Chocolate Cake Design Collective, in an old toys factory, in front of a huge cemetery. If you want to create in the D you better do it in cold blood!

    Georgia street – Detroit’s community garden of wonders

    Urban Farming

    Georgia Street seems at peace and beautified since green thumbs started to cultivate the land. And it’s only the beginning!

    Sep 6. 2011

    Cats Are Detroiters Too


    This summer only, there was two gun shootings down on Hazelwood. Not your typical safe neighborhood. But when you’re a cat you don’t care too much.

    Detroit mower gang


    What would you do if your own city didn’t have the manpower and resources to maintain its parks and playgrounds? Some “Detroiters” came with this idea of forming a mower gang…

    Obamania in Detroit for Labor day – God bless good jobs!


    Obamania Labor day ceremony in Detroit (sept. 2012), the French way, here’s how to make the most of it.

    Sep 2. 2011

    The Desert & the Oasis – Detroit Metaphor #3


    In Detroit, the face of a neighborhood can be radically different just a block away.

    Aug 29. 2011

    Hamtramck: Detroit’s Polish enclave


    Today Hamtramck is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Detroit. It’s an actual “enclave,” a city within the city, with its own Mayor. And the people from Hamtramck don’t like to be mistaken with those of Detroit.

    Aug 26. 2011

    Creative farming – 4th Street community garden

    Urban Farming

    When old sinks, toilets and tires become “raised beds” for growing food and flowers.

    Aug 25. 2011

    The D and your mum – A Detroit Metaphor #2


    “You can talk bad about your own mother, but you don’t like somebody else talking bad about her. Detroiters are the same with their own city.”

    Aug 23. 2011

    North Cass Community garden in Detroit – organic pick-up

    Urban Farming

    At North Cass community garden, for $25/year, anyone can get access to one of the raised beds and grow whichever crop they like.

    Aug 21. 2011

    Hub of Detroit: Youth bike ride


    Last Saturday, August 20th, the bike organization Hub of Detroit had a fundraising event, the “Annual Safe Streets Youth Ride.” For most of the kids in the ride, it was their first time biking around the city.

    Aug 15. 2011

    The D-oughnut – a Detroit metaphor #1


    As we explored the city, we stummbled upon this more racial version of the doughnut metaphor we had already heard.

    Aug 13. 2011

    “The kids in my block grew up very fast”


    Jan left Detroit in the mid 80s. She tried to sell her family’s house without any success. It’s been squatted ever since. Today she lives in the peaceful “Indian Lakes” neighborhood of Okemos…

    Aug 10. 2011

    A young organic farmer from Michigan

    Urban Farming

    Getting started in the capital of hand-shaped Michigan, Lansing. About buying a car and making friends with CSA farmers.

    Aug 5. 2011

    Move to Detroit


    We’re two French girls whom Americans like to compare to the quirky protagonist of Amelie. We’re not so cliché though. The proof? We moved to Detroit today.

    Jul 24. 2011



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